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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So he popped the question!!! Now what?

You both have been to so many weddings at Yacht clubs, hotels and quaint B&Bs that you can’t bare the thought of your wedding day being like every other. You want it to be memorable, fun, casual yet elegant, and most importantly a day without a lot of stress. A day that your friends and family will remember for a life time and most importantly a day that set the stage for the rest of your lives together.

As a thoroughly modern woman; the first place you go to start doing research is the Internet. Your palms begin to sweat as you click through the numerous choices. You begin to realize that the “Bank of Ma and Pa” has set for you or what your savings account can handle, is not going create the day of your dreams.

“ 8 dollars for a piece of wedding cake? Are you kidding me?” That is the reality of hosting a wedding in a major US market that meets all of the criteria you and your honey have determined. This is when the depression sets in. “How am I going to have the day of my dreams when all I can afford is Burgers and Chips at the local Burger Barn!” Then one night, as you commiserate over a tall Cosmopolitan at an even taller bar, your future maid of honor reminds you of a coworker she had that got married in Mexico.

" Do tell!....."

There are a number of places in the world that specialize in destination weddings. Mexico and specifically Puerto Vallarta has become one of the world’s top destinations. Why? Easy, besides the obvious, natural beauty, amazing sunsets, a Hollywood legacy, world class cuisine and accommodations, you also have the necessary infrastructure to create the wedding you have always dreamed of. And if you live in San Francisco, New York, Seattle or any other major metropolitan city you will save about 30% off of what you would have spent at home.

So now you are warming up to the idea of getting married on the beach with the sunset behind you, the sand between your toes, or below the Minolas pumps you bought just for this occasion. You ask yourself, do I really want to do this? You couldn’t be asking a better question.

If you are a micromanaging, hyper planner, turbo-Martha, who must be clear as to every detail 18 months before the wedding day, who requires that everyone from the office is there, and who will have the day ruined by one of the cocktail umbrellas falling out of the Mother of the Groom’s Pina Colada, a destination wedding might be considered a challenge for you but one well worth investigating.

If you and your fiancé want your wedding to be an eventful experience that reflects the inner world traveler and wants a memorable night filled with laughter, memories, amazing food and drink, awe inspiring sunsets, lush flowers, close friends and family, mouth watering cuisine and don’t mind that mom’s umbrella fell our her drink you very well might be a candidate.

Tune in Next week when we discuss how to choose a wedding planner and why?


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